We collect plenty of information how your students are doing in their tests so you can understand exactly where your students are going well and where they need to improve.

A graphical overview

We start by showing you a general, graphical overview of everything. Using graphs, we will tell you how many students actually completed the test, and when people actually completed the test. You can click on those infographics to view more detailed information.

Question by question

View a question-by-question run down to view exactly how every student did on every question. Get an average score, and view in depth analysis on each student's results. You can also view an average score to see which questions students did well on and questions students didn't do well on.

Student overview

How did each student do? Use the student view to get an overview as to how your students did overall. You can order them by highest score, lowest score, first to complete and last to complete. You can view exactly how many marks they got, and their percentage.

Question flags and feedback

When completing tests, students can flag questions and leave a message for you explaining why they had problems with it. Our analytics package helps you easily manage flags and respond to them quickly and easily using our built-in messenger.

Our research showed that teachers found it much more helpful to have written responses over smiley indicators, so all of our student/teacher communication is based around our messenger.

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