The Creator

Designed with ease of use in mind, the Creator is an easy and friendly way to create online assessments that'll come naturally to your teachers.

Question Suggestions

We give you the platform to create your own tests from scratch, but for when you need a bit of inspiration, we can suggest questions!

Embed Media

Sometimes a question can't be given with just words, which is why our creator gives you the ability to upload and insert images.

Custom Themes

Make your tests more immersive by selecting a custom theme to apply to your test. If you want more control, you can fine tune the details.

Specialist Symbols

Some subjects use unique and interesting symbols, and we have support for finding and adding those directly within in the Creator.

Many Question Types

We currently support short answer questions, long answer questions and multiple choice questions to fit the type of question you're asking.

Entirely Printable

Because of the structure of our tests, we've made it incredibly easy to create a traditional, printed test through - no changes need to be made to your test, just click a button and it works!

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