Our Feature List

This is an extensive list into the major features we provide.

The Creator

The Creator is our modern and fluid web app that lets teachers easily create and publish assessments for their students. We've designed the Creator to be as easy to use as possible to make using our platform quick and convenient for teachers and students to use. Here's just a few things that the Creator does to help you:

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Taking a Test

Our platform is designed to be used by a wide range of ages, and our test platform shows that perfectly. At any one time, we only show the students three buttons while they're taking a test - "Next Question", "Previous Question" and "Flag".

Data Analysis

It's important to understand which students are doing well and which students need support. Using the data provided from the tests, we'll let you know who's doing well and who isn't.

Online API

Some of the services that we provide are also accessible via our online API. Our API is a hidden, fast way of allowing your IT technicians to tightly integrate Testy.me with your existing systems in order to make using Testy.me as easy and convenient as possible for your students and teachers.

If you're an IT technician and you're interested in integrating our API, take a look at our documentation.

Question Shuffle

We've got a large resource of questions for a large amount of subjects and topics. Instead of only providing teachers with access to this bank of questions, we also let students look at them too.

Question Shuffle is a game where students can enter the subject and topic they want to revise, and we'll give them random questions from that topic from our database. We monitor the questions we give students, and we'll never give them a question that's in one of their uncompleted tests.