We've tried to make our pricing as fair for schools as possible.

Two Months Free

Introducing and using a new solution is a big investment - we get that. Therefore, we'll give you two months completely free (no contract, agreements or payments) to see if our product is right for you.

No Contract

We want you to feel safe. We won't lock you into a contract - with us, you can stop paying whenever you'd like. You can pay by the month, if you'd prefer. You can change how you pay at any point, as often as you want.

We Round Down!

We're very flexible. You pay for every 50 students, but we always round down. For example, if you have 99 students, you'll still only be paying for 50! You can go over your limit, and you won't pay until your next billing cycle.

Please enter some information regarding your school, and we'll give you an instant quote.

How many students (approximately) will you have using our product? students

You should note that we round down to every fifty students! You'll also never be hard-limited. If you have a sudden increase of students, there's no need to worry. You can just add them, and the changes will only be reflected in your next billing cycle. We'll always contact you first if your payment will rise due to adding more students, giving you chance to discuss it with us or remove unused accounts before you pay. We also don't include teachers in pricing - you can have as many teacher accounts as you'd like.
How often would you like to pay?
There's no best duration to pay - it's whatever you feel the most comfortable doing. Pay monthly if you're unsure, pay annually if you want to forget about it! You can change how frequently you pay at any time you want, however often you want. We'll also never charge you without asking you to confirm it first!


1 month a time


2 months a time


3 months a time


6 months a time


12 months a time would cost you

£7 every month

You'll get your first two months completely free, we won't ask for your card details or get you to accept any agreement - you can back out after those two months, no questions asked. Also, just so you know, we cover all payment processing fees. We don't hide any charges, and we don't instantly restrict your access if you forget to pay. We'll always contact you if the amount you are paying is expected to change, and we'll let you discuss it with us if you have any questions before you pay. We're always available to discuss any questions you may have.

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