Privacy Policy

Your privacy is incredibly important to us. We don't sell or collect data about you that we don't need to.

This privacy policy may be updated at any time, and we have the right to make any modifications. It is your responsibility to ensure you periodically check this page to ensure you are aware of the latest updates. For large and important changes to this privacy policy, we will send emails to every user actively registered, but we can never guarantee that you will receive this email due to many external factors.


Your privacy is entirely important to us, and it is important to us that you understand and consent to every piece of data we collect about you. As per the law, by using our website and/or creating an account, you are agreeing to our privacy policy. Should you not agree with our policy, you must stop using our website immediately. By continuing to use our website, you are consenting to allowing us to collect and store the data mentioned in this privacy policy.

Concepts and Abbreviations

This privacy policy may contain abbreviations for easier reading. All abbreviations should be listed below.


We will not and do not advertise on our website, and we do not use any external advertising services.


We do collect analytical data on our website, but the amount of it depends on what you are doing.

If you are not logged in, we only collect small amounts of ANONYMOUS data. We only collect a small amount of data regarding which pages have been viewed and at what times of day. Your IP address is never collected by us and we can not link or trace the data back to you - it is entirely anonymous. This data is used so we can see which pages of our public front site is being viewed by people in order to understand how we can make the relevant, important data easier to access. The data is not associated with you and we will not "customise" or change your experience with that data collected on a personal level.

If you are logged in, we collect intricate, not-anonymous data for students on the "test player" page of our website. This is required for our services to allow teachers and school administrators to see details results, and allow us to check for cheats.

On the "test player", we check and collect many pieces of information. In the interest of security, we can not list every aspect of this, however we do collect information regarding:

This information, and some more, is collected to prevent users cheating on tests. Some of this information is available to the teacher that created the test the student completed in the "test player", and this data may be kept indefinitely. This system is often branded as "Cheat Guard" on our website.


We use cookies - we have to. Cookies are small pieces of text that your browser keeps stored locally on your computer. They're tiny, but they allow us to store important information to allow the whole experience to work.

When you log in, we use a cookie to store a unique, encrypted key on your computer. This allows your computer to verify itself on each page change and web request, allowing you to stay logged in. This cookie does not store any personal information about you - it is simply a long, unique pointer that refers to you. Personal data (or any other data, with the exception of this unique key) is never stored in a cookie on our site.

Because this cookie tells us who you are logged in as, you can not use the log in or any accounting services of our website if you do not have cookies enabled - it simply doesn't work and there is no alternative. You can disable cookies and use the website as normal without any of the features that require an account or require you to be logged in. If you were logged in and you disable cookies, you will be immediately logged out and your log in cookie will be immediately and automatically lost. You can create a new one by enabling cookies and logging in.

You may disable cookies through your browser settings, but you will not be able to use any features on that requires an account and for you to be logged in. You may browse this website anonymously without cookies, but these features will be unavailable to you.

Third Parties

A third party is a company other than us.

We never operate with third party companies. We will never sell or give any of your data to any company, unless in an unlikely event that it is required for legal reasons.