What is Testy.me?

Testy.me is an online Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that makes it incredibly easy and intuitive for students to take online assessments. Our online assessments are modern and easy to use and can be completely designed and customised by your teachers.
We've developed the incredibly powerful Creator - it's what you'll be using to create your assessments. It lets you create tests how you want, providing support for many question types and visual themes. We also use intelligent algorithms to give teachers ideas for questions!Learn about the Creator »
Tests can be automatically marked (even those with long answer questions!) and your students results are then analysed. We'll give you a breakdown on exactly how each student did and provide you with a lot of useful information!Learn about our analytic tools »

Mobile Friendly

Students are using their phones and tablets more and more to study. That's why we've made Testy.me completely compatible with those devices!

Built-in Communication

We've made it easy for students to tell you what they need help with. We've got a built-in messaging client, and students can flag questions they're stuck with.

Huge Library of Tests

While we've designed our Creator to make creating your own tests really easy, we've made it easy to find and modify pre-made tests from other teachers.

See our entire feature list »

But don't just take our word for it...

Testy.me has made it so much easier to set tasks and assessments for my students. It's impressive how intuitive everything is - everything just works exactly as you'd want it to!

Mr T. Capewell from South Holderness Technology College